God’s Grace Ministry is a non-profit organization in Welch, WV serving all of Southern West Virginia.
They strive to serve families, mainly children by providing food to them when in need.

Here’s a little of our story behind this ministry

My dear, sweet Addie. What can I say about her except to tell her story. Addie is my granddaughter. She was almost 5 when we met her right before Christmas. Long blonde hair and blue eyes. As skinny as a rail. Beautiful! But Addies story is heartbreaking. Addie was found in a dilapidated trailer in a rabbit cage. Of which she had gotten in by herself. I don’t tell this story to say she was locked in cage. She just happened to be in it. With 1 can of ravioli in the home. No can opener. Addie was also the caregiver for her 1 and 2 year old siblings. All 3 of them were covered in scratches. Dirty. Hair matted to their heads. Neglected. No adult in sight. A horrible situation and often frequent and similar in this county. This is the reason behind Addie’s Bags. Each child gets 2 of each of breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks. This is their weekend food. When we first began, the cost of a bag was about $2.81. Those bags now cost a little over $4 each. We make over 1,000 bags per month currently and before the pandemic, we made almost 3600 per month. Tjose numbers are quickly going back up. The statistics in this county are staggering at nearly 78% of all children in this area live with a grandparent, or family of some sort without any biological parents. It’s terribly sad but this is the situation we are given. We have no choice but to feed them and we wouldn’t have it any other way!